You Just Can’t Buy A Door “Off-The-Shelf”…

A Door Needs To Be Customized To Fit Your EXACT Needs —
Then It Needs To Be Installed PERFECTLY.

Any Door, whether it’s a front door, entry door, back door, patio door…doesn’t matter, it MUST be plum, level and square. It has to be an exact fit. Anything less and you are just asking for trouble.

Doors you buy “off-the-shelf” are mass-produced to “standard” sizes. They are—by design—an attempt to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. These mass produced doors do not and will not meet the exacting needs of today’s homes, especially homes built before 1995… let alone the exacting needs of today’s homeowners.

When you buy a stock “off-the-shelf” door you are, in essence, trying to put a square peg into a round hole.

No two homes are built exactly alike, and despite common misconceptions, doorframes are notoriously built to “loose” standards. The reasons are many, but the end result is the same… door frames are never “exact.” When you couple a mass-produced door that is built God knows where, to loose standards that allow for a margin of error with a doorframe that was also built to loose standards, you can start to see how problems are going to happen.

Unfortunately, the “standard sizes” used by homebuilders in the past are almost certainly not the “standard sizes” used today.

In almost every instance that we’ve been involved with, the solution has always been to install a custom built door.

Is it more expensive to do it this way? The short answer, Yes and No. There is no arguing that it is probably going to be more money up front for a higher quality custom-built door. BUT, you actually save a lot more money in the long run with a custom door.

When your door is custom built it’s a “perfect fit.” There is no wasted time, energy, labor or money on trying to make a square peg fit into a round hole… i.e. trying to fit a “stock” door into your “non-stock” frame.

When it’s a custom-built door it’s built and installed to be perfectly square, plum and level. A custom door provides a better seal against the elements and is in perfect balance reducing the stress and strain that ruins others doors.

Bottom Line: Our custom built and installed doors will save you money on labor costs as well as in product longevity, energy savings, and resale (recoupment) value.

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